Text Tools For Content Creators

Use these text tools to save time when creating text content for your blog, website, or social media. A lot of content creators struggle with writing original posts on their websites, blogs, and social media. They are too busy to have time to write their content, so they find it easier to hire someone else to do it for them. One option is to use these text tools for content creators who need help writing posts on their content.

Convert text into many different cases, styles, and forms with our text converters. Change the case to lower, upper, camelCase, and more. You can also change the words of your text with tools like the informal to the formal tool.

List of Text Tools

online text tools for content creators
Online Text Tools

Text Case Converter

Upper Case

The upper case converter will take your text and will transform the lower case letters into upper case letters. Letters that are already upper case will not be affected. This can be a useful tool if you want to shout at someone on the internet but use it wisely.

Open the upper case converter and paste or type your text into the box and click to convert text to uppercase.

upper case examples


Lower Case

The lower case converter does the opposite of the upper case converter. It will take your text and replace all of the upper case letters with lower case ones. Of course, the already existing lower case letters will remain as they were.

Open the lower case text converter and paste or type your text and just hit the button to convert text to lower case.

Lower Case Text Examples

  • mr. johnson was not at home.
  • the tree has been cut down overnight.
  • john stood on the beach and thought about his life.

Title Case

Title case is a great tool if you writing a blog post, article, and essay because it will correctly format your title. The Title Case tool changes the first letter of all words to an upper case letter with the exception of small common words like “the”, “an”, or “and”.

You can get the convert to title case here. Just place your desired headline in the text box and hit the button!

Title Case Examples

  • This Is the Story of a Boy and a Dog.
  • You Can’t Compare an Apple and an Orange.
  • Little House on the Prarie

Camel Case

Camel case is named for the humps on a camel because instead of using spaces between words, we use an upper case letter to show the change. This is very useful for computer programmers because spaces are not allowed in variable names. The first letter of a camel case word is always lower case.

Open the Camel Case Tool and input 2 or more words to have it convert text into a single word.

Camel Case Examples

  • onceUponATime
  • dreamALittleDream
  • ifYouSeeHerSayHello

Snake Case

Snake Case sentences and phrases separate the words by using an underscore. This is another popular choice with people writing code. The letters in the snake case are always lower case.

Get the Snake Case Converter here and make your snakey text.

Snake Case Examples

  • he_is_asleep
  • the_apple_is_so_red
  • is_it_going_to_rain

Kebab Case

Kebab case is named so because the words are separated by a dash (-). This makes the words look like the letters are on a stick. This is often used for the URL or permalink of a web page. This site makes use of the Kabab case for the page names.

You can make your own Kebab Case Sentences by putting in your words and pressing the button to convert text to a letter kebab.

Examples of Kabab Case

  • my-great-webpage
  • the-car-is-fast
  • the-orcs-attacked

Word Converters

Informal to Formal

We all have a casual way we like to chat with friends and family, but when we need to write something more formal, like a letter to a boss or the government it helps to use more polished formal words.

You can use this informal to formal tool to convert text from every day to the professional.

Examples of Informal to Formal

I want to go get some info.I desire to depart and receive some information.
I need to find out…I request to learn…

Numbers to Words

Numbers in sentences and blog post titles really catch the eye,, but if you need to change numbers to words this is the tool for you.

Open the numbers to word tool and input your numbers and get some words back!

Examples of numbers to words

1234567one million two hundred thirty-four thousand five hundred sixty-seven