Url Extractor Tool

This Url Extractor Tool will show you all the URLs in a piece of text. Too lazy to find all the links in the text? Use our extract URLs from the text tool! It’s so easy! Just paste the source code text, click “extract”, and get a list of URLs for you to copy.

You can extract URLs from text with this simple, free, and easy-to-use tool. Just paste in a piece of text and extract all the URLs in seconds. You can then copy the URLs to a text file or download them to import into a spreadsheet for later use.

If you’ve wound up on this page, you probably were directed by someone to do the tedious task of listing all the URLs on a website or single page. I know that’s got to be boring work for you, so let me help.

How to get the source code?

Right-click on any web page and chose view source code. Copy the entire code. You can do this by pressing Control-A and then Control-C. Paste that into the URL extractor tool (Control-C) and press the extract button to get a list of urls.

The world is getting full of URLs. They’re all over the place in posts, tweets, and text messages. With our URL extractor tool, you can quickly, effortlessly extract all links from any text in just a few seconds!