Thank-You Letter Generator

This Thank-You Letter Generator tool will generate various thank you letters customized to your personal needs. If you need to say thank you in written form but are unsure where to begin, then we have the perfect tool for you to learn how to write the ideal letter to say thanks.

Letter writing can be difficult, and composing thank-you notes can sometimes be overwhelming. People are often unsure of what to say, whether to mention the gift, the meal, etc. They also might not know how to end the note without sounding too serious or informal.

Appreciation letters are one of the oldest forms of etiquette. Writing these types of letters can be tedious, but they are important because they express gratitude and thankfulness. They are also an opportunity to update the receiver on what is happening in your life. With this in mind, it’s essential not only to write a thank-you letter but to send it as soon as possible, so the recipient knows that. Common thank-you notes are for a job interview or for being supportive.

Why use a Thank-You Letter Writer?

A thank-you note generator can help you express your gratitude better when you’re having trouble thinking of what to write. This thank-you letter generator will provide a template of a letter with the sentences already written for you. You can write your own words on top of those sentences to make the note more personalized and heartfelt.

Let’s face it, most people don’t write because they don’t know what to say. This online writer tool takes away the pain of coming up with what to say. Just fill in a few specific details and press the button!


The thank-you letter writer has three templates that you can use to get out your note.

  • doing you a favor
  • giving you a gift
  • welcoming a new customer

If there is interest, more templates can be added later.

Thank-you Letter Example

This is a sample thank-you letter for a present of a book, from Jenny to John.

Hello Jenny,

I’m writing to thank you for the book. What a generous gift! I can not express just how perfect it is!

I felt so loved when I received it. You were so thoughtful to send it to me. I will treasure it always and forever.

Whenever I read it, I will think of my good friend. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


Using the app below, you can make a letter just like this thank-you email sample.

How to use the Thank-You Letter Writer

  • Choose the type of letter you wish to write
  • Fill in the forms
  • Get your letter

If you aren’t happy with the final letter, just push the button to generate a new one!

Questions about thank you letters

What do you write in a thank you letter?

Writing a thank-you letter is an excellent way to show gratitude for the gifts or favors you have received. There are many ways to write a thank-you notes, but it should include the following:

  • Use the first sentence to tell them that you are writing to thank them
  • Add a sentence saying how the gift or favor made you feel
  • Tell the reader why the action or gift benefited you
  • Explain why the giver’s generosity left an impression on you.
  • Close with a warm ending, such as “Again, I can’t thank you enough”

How do you write a thank-you note for money?

If you have been given money as a gift and want to express your appreciation a physical note is a great way to do that. Thank-you notes are not only a way of saying thanks, they’re also an opportunity to share your feelings about the money.

When writing your note to say thank you for the money, keep the thank you brief and personal. You can mention what you plan to do with the money or how it made you feel. Share how it will change your life in a positive way or the trouble that was avoided by the gift.

Use the gift template in the thank-you letter writer app above for ideas.

How to write a professional thank-you email?

A well-crafted thank-you letter is essential for thanking your clients for their patronage. This should be done to show appreciation and build a relationship with them. It also serves as a reminder to the recipient about the company, its products or services, and makes it easier to refer others to them.

The thank-you letter writer above has a template for this.

For a professional thank-you email it is essential to include the following:

  • What you are thanking them for. (an order, a meeting)
  • Express your appreciation
  • Add compliments (Your presentation was very thorough and informative)
  • Your commitment to them as a client-provider (We look forward to providing you service for years to come)
  • Close with a professional closing line (Sincerely)

I hope you enjoy using this free thank-you letter writer