Title Case Converter – Quick Headline Formater

Use the Title Case Converter to quickly format your titles and headlines for your blog post, essays, and book titles. This converter will capitalize the first letter of each word except for minor words like “of”, “the”, or “an”. It will give your titles a nice professional look every time.

What is Title Case?

Title case is a way of writing titles and headlines that makes the words more readable by capitalizing the first letter of each word and separating them with spaces.

Many journalistic publications use title case in their headlines because it is attractive and readable. It also helps to differentiate between titles and sections of text that are lowercase, which can be confusing.

I recommend using the title case converter when you want to make your headlines stand out more on a page or as part of a design.

Why use the title case converter?

It is extremely important to use a title case because it makes the words stand out, it is easy to read, and it enhances the tone.

The first reason why you should use Title Case is that it makes the words stand out, which means that readers are more likely to see them. This means that they will be more likely to read them.

Secondly, there are the aesthetics of the Title Case. It’s clean-looking and easy-to-read – qualities that enhance the tone of a document or paragraph.

What Are the Rules of Title Case?

Title case is a format used for titles and headlines to make them stand out. These rules are usually the ones followed for title cases according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

  • Always capitalize the first and last words.
  • Always capitalize the major or important words.
  • Lowercase any articles (the, an, a).
  • Lowercase prepositions (of, with)

What are some examples of Title Case?


  • this is the stuff dreams are made of
  • once upon a time there was a baker of the town
  • The story of the dragon who ate gold


  • This Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made of
  • Once Upon a Time There Was a Baker of the Town
  • The Story of the Dragon Who Ate Gold

Use This Handy Title Case Converter to Make Your Titles Stand Out