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Convert Text To Uppercase otherwise known as ALL CAPS using this quick handy tool. If you have a lot of text and don’t feel like typing it, why should you? Just paste it all into the input box below and hit convert. Easy peasy, nothing to it. Then hit the copy button and paste that text where it needs to go!

Why do we convert text to uppercase?

There are many reasons to have uppercase letters, for starting a proper noun like a name, or at the start of a sentence. But how did this come to be?

Ancient Times

Once upon a time, alphabets were written entirely in large letters all the same height, spaced between upper and lower lines. When the letters were handwritten, curves often happen, and over time the styles changed. Letters became written smaller because they were easier to write, and it took up less room. This is shown to have happened all over the ancient world, including the Greeks, Romans, and later civilizations.

Traditionally different words had different sizes. Starting words and nouns were bigger than the other words around them. Sometimes these were writing in a different style of writing. English eventually dropped the rules for making nouns bigger, but Germany kept it.

The industrial ages

With the invention of printing, press writing started to develop standards. So there had to be a way to distinguish special words, like the names, and places. Eventually using standard pairs of letters was found to be the most efficient way to do this.

There were no fixed rules for capitalization in English until the early 18th century. When America started, we had only had capital letters for about 60 or 70 years! Our founding documents would have looked a lot different without uppercase and lowercase letters!

Non-Roman Alphabet Languages

Some languages that have alphabets don’t even have uppercase and lowercase letters. (Thai for example), and some languages don’t even use an alphabet (Chinese).

But for modern-day English, to convert text to uppercase in a hurry just use this great free tool!

This uppercase text generator will create really cool text that you can use on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Zoom. Most major social media websites and applications will also allow this text.

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