Convert Text to Kebab Case

Use this handy tool to Convert Text to Kebab Case. Languages such as Python, Ruby, C/C++ use the Kebab case, and so does WordPress to separate words on page names. You’ll see the use of it all over this website.

What is Kebab Case?

All letters will be written in the lower case in the kebab case, and a hyphen or dash separates the words. It is known as kebab because it looks like the letters are joined on a stick like meat and veggies ready for the fire.

For example


Why convert text to kebab case?

Most of the time you’ll want to use kebab or snake case to join up words where spaces are not allowed. URLs are a good example. Many people don’t like spaces in filenames and convert text to kebab case or camel case for the name instead.

Text cases like Kebab are important in order to make sure that readers can read our texts easily. Text cases also add professionalism to our work.

We should also make sure that we have a clear hierarchy and deliver the main or most important points at the start of the text, rather than at the end. This way, people will not have to read all of our content in order to understand what it is about. They will be able to understand it from reading only the first paragraph or two.