Camel Case Converter

Use this online camel case converter to quickly change 2 or more words into camel case format. Camel case is so named because it uses capital letters instead of space, there is a hump in the middle of the text, similar to how a camel has a hump in the middle of its back. By using this format we can read entire sentences or books without spacing with a little practice.

What is camel case?

Camel case is a name for a style of formatting that capitalizes each letter in a word and joins them together. This is done when the word is the same as the beginning of the next word.

It was created by Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist who lived between 1779 and 7 August 1848 who developed the styles as a shorthand notation for his work. He made many contributions to the study of chemistry. He is most well-known for being the inventor of the modern system of chemical nomenclature, which is still in use today. Berzelius was also one of the first chemists to study organic molecules and their reactions to other substances.

How to use the camel case converter?

Simply add 2 or more words into the text box below and press the button. The app will convert text into the correct format and then you may copy and paste the results.

Case capitalization rules

Camel case always starts with a lowercase letter, if it has an uppercase letter at the start, it is in Pascal case.

It is different from than title case and sentence case because these 2 styles keep the spaces. Unlike the snake case which uses underscores or dot case which uses periods, it does not have spaces or any symbol to separate the words.

As a programmer, I use camelCase words every day! Camel case words are useful because names in programing do not allow for spaces.

Common Everyday Examples

  • iPhone 
  • eBay
  • iCarly

FexEx and McDonalds use capitals in the middle but these are strictly speaking Pascal Case.

Uncommon Examples

  • whatGoesUpMustComeDown
  • goForBroke
  • noIfsAndsOrButs
  • notTheSharpestToolInTheShed
  • barkingUpTheWrongTree

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