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This online word counter will quickly count how many words you are using in your text. The use of a word counter tool is easy and necessary for any writer. After all, knowing how many words you have written and the word count might help make sure that you are not under your word target or going over your allotted number of words. You may also wish to count the number of sentences in your text.

How to use the Word Counter

Type or paste your text into the box above, and then click the blue count button. The app will show you how many words you have in your text.

Why use a word count target?

Using a daily word count target is a good way to make sure you stick with your writing. Many SEO tools will recommend a minimum number of words for a web page. Some teachers will require a certain number of words for an essay.

For professional writing, It is a good idea that writers should not worry about adding filler words or repeating themselves if it means they can cut the word count down. This technique will allow them to get more done in less time.

The other way that copywriters can achieve a word count target is by using tools like the Hemingway Editor and the word counter tool. These tools will help the writer identify where they are wasting time and editing their content for efficiency.

How many words are in a blog post?

Blog posts vary in length.

According to clariantcreative.com, “the target word count for a blog post should be around 400-600 words.” She advises that this helps focus the writer on what is most important to say in their content.

Word count for a blog post is not the same as word count for other types of writing. Blog posts are often shorter than traditional articles and books but can be long if you are trying to provide extensive detail about a given topic.

It is important to consider how much detail you want to include in your post when you determine how long it should be. You should also consider how much time it will take you to write the content, design it and publish it.

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Having a target word count will help you write!