Baby Girl Name Generator

This baby girl name generator will help you pick the perfect name for your daughter. Generating names for your new baby is common these days. A girl’s name brings a sense of identity, belonging, and pride to the parents.

The name of a girl is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. Not only is it a way to express their love for their child, but it also sets the foundation of what she will go through in her life.

Some parents struggle with finding unique and creative names while others decide in naming their little girl after friends or family members. In some cases, parents simply feel too overwhelmed by the number of options they have and give up on naming their daughter before they even know what she’ll be called. Little did they know that there was an easy way to find great names for baby girls that would bring them joy and happiness – just by using a baby girl name generator.

Baby Girl Name Generator Tool

Click the button below. If you like the name copy it to a list on your computer. If you don’t like it click the button until you find one you like.

Baby Girl Name Questions

What are the number 1 girl names?

There is nothing wrong with being a traditionalist. If you want to choose a baby name for a girl that is trendy, here are the top girl names for 2021. These are all included in the baby girl name generator.

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Amelia
  4. Ava
  5. Sophia
  6. Charlotte
  7. Isabella
  8. Mia
  9. Luna
  10. Harper

What is a rare girl’s name?

Sometimes a parent may want to choose a unique or unusual name to give their little girl. This may help to distinguish your little girl from all the other girls in her class. We’ve all seen when there is a trend, and five girls have to have their last or middle initials tagged to their name (Ashely B.). This baby girl name generator also contains some rare and uncommon names for baby girls.

For example:

  • Nadine
  • Sutton
  • Nala
  • Camelia
  • Neve

What girl names should be avoided?

There are some obvious choices to be avoided. While Isis was once an Egyptian goddess and cool Saturday morning kid’s show, the terrorist network has all but made the once cute name unusable. Likewise, Karen, once a very popular name gives the thought of asking for the manager.

Some other names include:

  • Stormy (as in Daniels)
  • Merica (short for America)
  • Mattel
  • Barbie
  • Fanny (It means something differnt in the UK)

You can find a list of other names to avoid here.

Avoid names tied to one person

Names that invoke thoughts of one person, should probably be avoided. Names like Kardashian, Cher, or Melania, make cause your little girl trouble. Even if you are totally invested in a celebrity or politician, your little girl won’t be able to understand the underlying context until she is much over. Even well-meaning adults may treat your little girl differently and you would never know.

Avoid names that are easy to make fun of

You should try to avoid giving a name to your little that other children can easily make fun of. Names are our first source of identity. If a girl is teased over her name it will affect her self-confidence.

As children, we are taught to believe in our abilities and feel confident. We are taught that our parents love us unconditionally, our teachers respect us, and so on. This is what builds up self-confidence.

As we grow, there is a need to be confident in our abilities. It is important to have self-belief and know that we can do what needs to be done.

A person with low self-confidence might find it difficult to believe in themselves, meet new people or take risks. Low self-confidence can cause feelings of sadness, anger, and loneliness.

If a child is judged by her name before actions this can be devastating to a young girl.