Generate Parenthesis Text

Use this free tool to Generate Parenthesis Text for your social media posts and emails. Draw attention to the text you post or tweet out by adding something extra.

Fancy text styles (like italics, bold and underline, or parenthesis text) are a way of adding emphasis to text. They can turn a sentence into a reminder, an important point, or even an action.

But when it comes to implementing these fancy text styles in your writing, you need to know the right tricks for formatting text in different ways.

Why generate parenthesis text?

There are many reasons why someone might use fancy text styles. Some people use them to highlight certain points or to make their writing more interesting. You might be trying to make a point that is easy to miss and fancy text styles help you get your point across. Fancy text styles like parenthesis text are a way to make your text more engaging. They can be used to convey an emotion or add interest to the page.

Fancy text styles are used in order to emphasize certain points in a document in a more creative and visual way and to make the document more visually appealing to readers. The use of different fonts, sizes, and colors helps draw attention and emphasize different parts of a document. What else is available? Check out all of the text styles you can generate on our website.

How old are Parenthesis?

Parenthesis or round brackets go far back in history, but just how many years is unclear. They are mentioned by a priest (Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus) in the late 1400s. He referred to them as lunula because they reminded him of the moon.

Where can I use this text?

You can generate parenthesis text to create really outstanding text that you can use on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Zoom. Most major social media websites and applications will also allow this Unicode text.

Examples of Parenthesis text

  • 🄢⒣⒠ ⒲⒪⒭⒦⒮ ⒯⒲⒪ ⒥⒪⒝⒮ ⒯⒪ ⒨⒜⒦⒠ ⒠⒩⒟⒮ ⒨⒠⒠⒯; ⒜⒯ ⒧⒠⒜⒮⒯, ⒯⒣⒜⒯ ⒲⒜⒮ ⒣⒠⒭ ⒭⒠⒜⒮⒪⒩ ⒡⒪⒭ ⒩⒪⒯ ⒣⒜⒱⒤⒩⒢ ⒯⒤⒨⒠ ⒯⒪ ⒥⒪⒤⒩ ⒰⒮.
  • 🄓⒪⒧⒪⒭⒠⒮ ⒲⒪⒰⒧⒟⒩’⒯ ⒣⒜⒱⒠ ⒠⒜⒯⒠⒩ ⒯⒣⒠ ⒨⒠⒜⒧ ⒤⒡ ⒮⒣⒠ ⒣⒜⒟ ⒦⒩⒪⒲⒩ ⒲⒣⒜⒯ ⒤⒯ ⒜⒞⒯⒰⒜⒧⒧⒴ ⒲⒜⒮.
  • 🄙⒪⒠ ⒨⒜⒟⒠ ⒯⒣⒠ ⒮⒰⒢⒜⒭ ⒞⒪⒪⒦⒤⒠⒮; 🄢⒰⒮⒜⒩ ⒟⒠⒞⒪⒭⒜⒯⒠⒟ ⒯⒣⒠⒨.