Full Width Text Generator for Awesome Words

Use this Full Width Text Generator to exchange plain old boring words to impressive looking text. Place your word, sentences or paragraphs into the box below and hit that convert button. Then copy and paste to anywhere you want! Even social media or word documents will accept this beautiful font.

What is full width text?

Full width text uses twice the space for each alphanumeric character (that’s numbers and letters to you and me) as the monospace text format. It spaces out the word for an impressive look.

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Examples of Full Width Text

These are just some random sentences using full width text.

  1. If one looks at a married couple, one can plot a graph of happiness in marriage and the years of married life.
  2. They should determine ahead of time how much they wish to spend on each person on their list and should try not to exceed this amount.
  3. Game species most likely to be sighted include impala, zebra, buffalo, elephant, eland and sable and the area is a bird paradise.